Fire Insurance

Your property is most probably your biggest investment, thus, it makes perfect sense to get it protected. Fire occurrence is rare, but if happen, can be devastating!

Fire Insurance for individual is referred as Houseowner/householder policy. For business fire insurance, please look under our Business Insurance section.

Houseowner insurance basically covers your building, structure against fire, lighting and explosion from domestic gas. While a Householder insurance covers your contents, such as furniture, fixture, appliances etc.

Additional coverage against special perils can be included with a fee.

Now you can easily get your property covered against fire by purchasing your Houseowner or Householder policy online. Fill up the form below and we will revert to you with an Official Quote from Allianz or Zurich.

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When deciding the sum coverage for your property, DO NOT based on your current market value.  The sum insured should be based on the estimated cost of re-building your property if it is destroyed in a fire.