We are registered agent for both Allianz General Insurance and Zurich Insurance, and we offer all types of general insurance services that you may need.  From the most common motorcar insurance, to fire insurance for individuals and business, to travel insurance to specific insurance for business, such as Equipment All Risk, Contractor All Risk, Money Insurance, Foreign Workers Insurance, Glass Plate insurance, fidelity insurance etc.

We will be adding more insurance companies as we progress.  The objective of this site is simple.  We wish to become the one-stop platform for your insurance need, by offering you insurance coverage from various insurer that best suite your requirement.

By allowing you to receive quotations from various insurers, making a purchase decision would be easier by comparing which insurers meet your requirement.  We know it is not always about prices, there are many other factors that you should consider, such as the insurer reputation, claim process, nationwide network etc.

With the detariffation of the general insurance in 2017, we can expect more innovative products and services from various insurance companies, thus, no insurance product will be the same.  So by allowing you to make comparison, you will then be able to make the right decision in your insurance purchases.

Allianz General insurance is represented by Kang Weng Khiang (ML02126).  While Zurich is represented by Wong Ling Yein (D15108).